At Embedos, Quality is our number 1 priority. No product gets shipped unless it meets the perfect quality standards.



The whole idea of Embedos is to be Customer centric. All our products are only customized according to the requirements of the customer.



We at Embedos practise being professional in all aspects of business in order to make it the backbone of our corporate lifestyle



Embedos Engineering LLP is a Mumbai based Start-up focusing on providing connectivity to Industrial Automation through IoT (IIOT) enabled field devices and also to empower the concept of Industry 4.0

Embedos strives to be a one stop solution for all Automation Technology needs. We provide customized embedded, IOT & Industrial IOT solutions to all industries.

Our expertise is in designing and production of Industry ready Embedded Systems, to cater to various remote control and telemetry needs of any industry.

Embedos is more of a solution giving and a problem solving company in the field of Automation & Industry 4.0 than a product selling company . We are a customer centric organisation that delivers products based solely on the needs of the industry.

Once we receive an enquiry about a certain problem, the Embedos crew works together to develop a tailor made product in accordance with customer requirements.

As multiple enquiries demanding similar or enhanced requirements are received, we convert our tailor made product into a generic solution ramping up all possible features which could be useful to our clients.

All Embedos Solutions have been developed with the vision of making it a one stop product solving many if not all customer problems with regard to Industry 4.0 and Automation.

We at Embedos have the vision to fulfill all industry requirements including integrated end-to-end solutions for a completely connected shop-floor.

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IOT Industry 4.0 & Intelligent Automation


Production Line Remote Monitoring


Cloud based Data Storage & Analytics


Remote Device Configuration & Upgrade


Predictive Maintenance, Failure Mitigation & Safety Control


Workforce Tracking & Intelligent Edge Analytics

We are an Internet of Things company that works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness by providing  automated products and interface solutions.

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