Real time production monitoring system is an alternative to manual data collection and captures most of the required production data without human intervention.
The Embedos Production Monitoring system “EMBD02” tracks production as well as processes in real time. We help to convert your mechanical way of collecting data into a smart one. It can reduce machine downtime and increase production efficiency, with all processes being monitored in real time. All activities can be viewed on a web portal, making it a complete IOT Solution.
With a straight forward configuration and an easily modifiable solution, our system can effortlessly integrate with any machine like a plug and play device.
Some Product Features
  • Solid state On device data logging 24×7.
  • On device basic analytics such as rate monitoring.
  • Efficiency analysis hourly, shift, daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Machine usage analysis.
  • Time stamping of each production work piece (time of production of every piece).
  • Modbus connectivity for retrieving data for factory wide SCADA/ DCS applications.
Software and Reporting
  • Web application can Run on any connected Web device such as HMI /PC or Smartphone
  • Graph, Pie Chart
  • Value Display
  • Historical Trends and storage
  • Colour Change ,Text Change
  • Process Mimic Diagram
(Please read the brochure for all features)

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