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The Future of Digital Marketing with IoT!

IoT is on Fire and digital marketing has been on a rampage since 2010. IoT is still upcoming, and Digital Marketing has been around for some time now. People are still getting accustomed to the idea of the Internet of Things. The findings by BI intelligence suggests that the total number of devices connected via the Internet of Things (IoT) in 2019 will double from 2014.

Now, it is almost as if the thin line between your offline and online life has started to blur as well.

First, what is IoT?

IoT is the capacity for things that contain embedded technologies to detect, convey, interface, and team up with different things, along these lines making a network of physical items. Lately this idea has increased gigantically, and is presently a standout amongst the most discussed things in the realm of innovation today.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that can be used to describe those devices with a sensor or an internet connection attached to it. Headphones, Coffee makers, Lamps or Smart watches, Gartner suggests that there are at least 26 billion IoT-connected devices right now.

How will digital marketing be affected by IoT Let it be those wearable technologies with which you can track your fitness level or the smart devices through which you will be able to control your home, technology has set ablaze those traditional methods with which you generally carry out all your daily tasks.

Consider the kinds of IoT-empowered gadgets that will be used by the general buyer: espresso machines, refrigerators,microwaves, geysers, smart watches, are only a couple of examples. Basically in profundity the entire home automation framework. The transition from PC to Mobile devices also plays a huge role in this trend. There has been an outburst in the number of mobile applications in recent times. In the latest Google I/O meetup, it was revealed that there are 2.5 Billion Android Devices.

The expectations and customer demands are also huge. Hence businesses have to prepare themselves to reach out to their audience in a faster and effective manner. The vast amount of comprehensive data that IoT provides will only enhance digital marketing strategies.

So, how does IoT affect Digital Marketing?

Everyday use gadgets like the ones stated above are essential pieces of a shopper’s regular way of life – from when they get up in the first part of the day until they hit the hay.

For digital marketers, access to information on way of life patterns implies that they can perceive how, when, and why particular items or facilities are being used, and then specifically target such consumers, based on their perceived needs.

Some trends in the market speak a lot about the impact that IoT can leave on digital marketing strategies:

Data transfer simplified!

Organizations will profit by this Technology development with the capacity to gather fundamentally bigger measures of information on buyers. With appropriate use, this information will enable organizations to lessen working costs, increment profitability, extend to new markets and grow new product verticals.

Similarly, data accumulation will change with the expansion in technology use, how digital marketers use this information and connect with buyers will likewise need to change. It’s essential that marketing professionals begin getting ready for the significant changes that IoT will unavoidably bring.

IoT’s ascent will overjoy marketing professionals as they can utilize data from enormous sources of data to fuse customer social signs into their marketing strategies. This will empower communications, transform data collection,and consumer behaviour perceptions to be caught and connected to purchasing intentions.

Services At An Instant!

Could a printer order its own cartridge when it is required? Can a microwave oven order Bacons when it is time for Halloween? Well, we are not speaking about any children’s comics or supernatural films. With a little bit of added Intelligence to IoT enabled devices, these are all among the ‘n’ number of possibilities that IoT can offer. Since the devices are connected to internet, you can easily exchange information when needed.

More personalization, more success

The internet in general provides you with insights on your customer’s day-to-day life. Right from booking a cab to tracking fitness levels, companies that leverage the power of the internet to set up and grow their businesses have an unprecedented level of access to consumer behavior. IoT is only going to increase the amount of data that is available.

This data will help them determine when to offer discounts, when a person might need a product the most, what are his / her immediate needs and much more. Personalization is the interest of the hour!

So in Conclusion,

How will digital marketing be affected by IoT at home

Because IoT connects the internet with objects that are omnipresent in our daily lives, marketers in almost every industry will be capable of engaging consumers throughout every phase of a customers journey right from thinking of purchasing a product, to actually buying the product.

In a world where there is so much to do and such less time to do it, IoT takes convenience to a whole new level. Let us take an example of an IoT enabled refrigerator having Temperature and Humidity sensors. How cool would it be to know the probability of when the milk in your fridge is going to go bad, or even see it going bad on your phone through the internet. If the Milk quality deteriorates to a certain level and the fridge is integrated with a smart home speaker, it could place an order for a litre of Milk on its own. This is no longer science fiction. It can truly happen!

Amazon has already sold more than a 100 million Alexa’s since its inception. With Google not being far behind in the smart home speaker space, these large Internet companies have figured out that convenience is what ultimately sells!

The Internet has definitely made the world a smaller place. But, The Internet of Things is just a way to procure data, and with the rapid rise of IoT enabled devices or smart devices, this data is going to grow exponentially, giving out more insights than what we had before.

The prevalence of IoT-enabled devices around us will allow marketers to have more data to analyze. This surge in information will allow marketers to streamline their marketing funnels and reach niche audiences in new ways.

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