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Managing Scattered Solar Plants


Solar Energy is the real rage across town. It is cheap, efficient and apart from its installation fees, Solar Power is FREE. With solar panels, we are no longer dependant on the Grid to provide electricity. Once you have solar panels up on your roof, you’ve technically reached an energy-independent state, i.e. no electricity bill.

With the demand for solar energy increasing rapidly, solar companies are having a torrid time monitoring and maintaining their individual solar sites and solar rooftops.

The Problem

The maintenance and monitoring of a solar plant needs to be efficient, time saving and most importantly, cost saving. There are a diverse number of OEM’s that provide a monitoring portal of their own. But, different solar companies tend to use different OEMs for different Solar Plants.

All OEM’s have divergent equipment, following separate data communication protocols. Getting a customized software for each and every site is extremely time consuming and moreover immensely expensive.


The Time involved to comprehensively monitor the workings and readings of each individual site is approximately 1 hour per day. Combine that number with the total number of Solar Plants in the company portfolio which is say 75. This means that the user will need more than 3 full days of 24 hours each to completely monitor all 75 of his solar sites.

Cumulatively speaking in the number of man hours, it amounts to more than 8 days, to extensively monitor all of his / her solar plants at a stretch. Thus, using a separate monitoring portal for each solar site proves to be highly inefficient and extremely uneconomical.

The Solution!

Introducing the Embedos Solar Data Logger. It is a remote monitoring solution capable of providing data of all solar sites on a single consolidated platform. It is also capable of remotely controlling any solar site.

It is an OEM independent solution for overall monitoring and management of solar sites scattered across the region. Thus a person sitting in his / her office can remotely monitor solar plants around the  region with different OEM equipment’s on a single dashboard.

The Solar Data Logger is an IOT device made to manage and monitor the workings and readings of an inverter through the internet.
The inverter data is sent to a Cloud Storage wherein Companies can view solar plant readings with the help of the Embedos Web Application.

The Embedos Solar webpage gives an explicit view of the on-site solar panel parameters. It provides several wireless connectivity types, and includes an interface for controlling the power of multiple solar inverters.

Embedos Solar Data Logger Architecture + Device

Advantages of the Solar Data Logger

The Solar Data Logger can interface with all inverter types, energy meters and environmental sensors. It also has the capability of remotely controlling an inverter.

Critical Metrics such as daily, monthly and yearly generation, temperature and total yield is monitored in real time. Metrics can be customised according to the needs of a company.

The Solar data Logger provides a local buffer of up to 32GB. This means that if there is a loss of internet connection in the region, there will not be a loss of data.
The data will get temporarily stored on the device. Once the internet connection is restored, the device begins re transmitting the data from where it had left off, avoiding dissipation of critical data.


In the end, It is an inefficient and time consuming process to log out of an individual monitoring portal and log into another, just to view different inverter / solar site data.

A uniform and consistent remote monitoring portal which is common to all solar plants and sites irrespective of the inverter type, is the key to increase efficiency and drive down maintenance costs.