What is the Embedos Basic Controller?

The Embedos Basic Controller is a Compact and rugged Automation Controller with powerful digital processing power. Built with a 3.2 Inch Touchscreen Display, the Controller can be used for applications like Production Analyzer, Scanner, Indicator, Timer, Totalizer, Flow meter, custom application developments etc.

Product Highlights


  • RS 485 for Serial printer or PC Connectivity

  • Also equipped with Bluetooth interface.

  • Optional Wi-Fi Connectivity for remote Firm ware Updates.

  • Remote program Update with Bootloader

  • Multiple Analog & Digital IO’s.

  • 3.2 Inch Colour Display.

Embedos Basic Controller

Basic Controller Applications

  • 3.2″ Touchscreen HMI

  • Two channel window controller

  • Vehicle Skew Monitor

  • Direction Counter

  • Velocity Measurement

  • Conveyor Speed Measurement

  • Counter/Timer/Indicator

  • Flow Totalizer

  • Tank Fill Control

  • Level Measurement of open/close/capsule tanks

  • Conveyor Speed Measurement

  • Touchscreen Resistance Display Tank Fill Control

  • Volume Measurement

  • Channel Scanner

  • Production Analyzer

  • Custom Applications

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