IoT Data Logger

The Embedos IoT Data logger is a Plug & Play data acquisition device that transfers raw data to a Cloud Based web Application for data visualization.

 Data Loggers are prominently used in factories and heavy industries to record and keep track of raw data that is being produced by sensors or any other signal producing instruments.

The Embedos IoT Data Logger consists of Local Storage upto 32GB, to store the acquired data during connectivity loss. Once the connectivity is restored, the data logger begins to transmit data to the cloud storage.

Product Highlights

  • Protocols: MQTT, HTTP, HTTPS, UDP, Named pipes

  • Wired Connectivity: RS – 485, Ethernet, CANbus, USB 2.0

  • Cloud Compatibility: ERP Integration

  • Fieldbus Protocol Support: Modbus TCP / RTU , CAN Open

  • Can be used them as pure data loggers to locally store machine information.

  • USB Host / Device Port

  • Internal Buffer Memory of  8-32 GB

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