Embedos Programmable Edge Controller

What is the Embedos Edge Device?

The Embedos Edge Device is the Flagship hardware of our vast foray of products and solutions. The Edge device is a powerful IoT device which provides an entire End to End solution on a single piece of hardware.

When deployed on the field, the Embedos Edge device captures machine data and seamlessly transfers this data either to a cloud storage or a factory control room.

Why is the Embedos Edge unique?

What makes Edge so unique is its ability to process data on the device itself before the data is transferred to another storage. This reduces latency in data processing and enhances the solution’s ability to visualize the data efficiently.

The Embedos Edge device is an IoT gateway device and a programmable controller all in one. This means that the same device can be programmed to perform comprehensive applications, capture machine data, process this data and then transfer this analysed data from one field to another. It can interface with sensors too.

To ensure secure retrieval of data remotely, the Embedos Edge device is loaded with comprehensive network support for all types of connectivity and Virtual private Networks(VPN), to remotely retrieve data in a secure manner.

All our Edge devices are User programmable, meaning applications on our hardware can be enabled by our customers themselves without any external help.

Product Highlights

  • Fieldbus Protocol Support: Modbus TCP / RTU , CAN Open

  • Wired Connectivity: RS-232, RS – 485, Ethernet, CANbus, USB 2.0

  • Protocols: MQTT, HTTP, HTTPS, UDP, Named pipes

  • Cloud Compatible.

  • Embedded Web Server

  • USB Host / Device Port

  • Internal Buffer Memory of  8-32 GB

  • Wi-Fi Interface

  • GPRS Interface

  • Programming Port: Ethernet

  • Remote Programming & Firmware Upgrades

  • Multiple Analog & Digital IO’s

  • Industrial VPN

IIoT Embedos Edge Automation Gateway Controller
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