What is the Embedos IIoT Gateway?

The Embedos IIoT Gateway is a device made to easily transfer data from Field devices to Cloud Storages. It is built for System Integraters and Machine builders, OEM’s and End Users alike, to interface PLC’s or machines directly and transfer this data to a Cloud Service.

The Embedos Edge IIoT Gateway is developed as a programmable controller as well as an IIoT gateway to completely eliminate the need of a PLC in the chain.

Product Features

The Embedos IIoT Gateway provides a Ready to Use Cloud based Web Application to view this transferred data.

With data acquisition embedded by default in all Embedos Edge devices, our Edge IIoT gateway provides an End to End IoT Solution including the services of data capture, transfer and visualization through the internet.

Product Highlights

  • Fieldbus Protocol Support: Modbus TCP / RTU , CAN Open

  • Wired Connectivity: RS-232, RS – 485, Ethernet, CANbus, USB 2.0.

  • Protocols: MQTT, HTTP, HTTPS, UDP, Named pipes

  • Cloud Compatible.

  • Embedded Web Server

  • USB Host / Device Port

  • Wi-Fi Interface

  • GPRS Interface

  • Programming Port `Ethernet

  • Multiple Analog & Digital IO’s

Embedos IIoT Gateway

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