What is a protocol Converter?
The Embedos Protocol Converter device is used to convert the proprietary or standard protocols of a device to the protocols of another device to bridge the communication gap between Ethernet, Serial and field bus devices.
It is a powerful data logger which provides the services of protocol conversion leading to a solution of interoperability between various platforms. The Embedos Protocol Converter is also an IoT Gateway device, meaning it can log respective data and transfer it over a network for remote monitoring.
This Embedos Protocol Converter Gateway is designed for IP20 and DIN-rail mounting, requiring either a 24-volt DC or a 230-volt AC power supply.

Product Benefits

  • Performs complete serial protocol conversion, no PLC function blocks required.
  • Requires no hardware or software changes to be made to the connected device.

Product highlights

Protocols: MQTT, HTTP, HTTPS, UDP, Named pipes

Wired Connectivity: RS – 485, Ethernet, CANbus, USB 2.0

Fieldbus Protocol Support: Modbus TCP / RTU , CAN Open

Cloud Compatibility: ERP Integration

Fully Customizable

Housing: Industrial grade with wide temperature operability

IIoT Embedos Edge Automation Gateway Controller

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