Resource Monitoring

It is very critical for an industry to always be aware of its resources, be it inventory, human resources or production resources and hence needs to be managed efficiently and effectively.
With the help of our Resource Monitoring System, we can collect detailed consumption information, exception reports and costs and a calculation of production and supplies by utility type. The Embedos system can easily be interfaced with any machine and can also be customized to fit the needs of the factory.
Cloud based web dashboard for resource monitoring

Cloud based web dashboard for resource monitoring

Some Product Features

  • Advanced reports – on cloud Report viewing anywhere, anytime, with any web browser.
  • Flexible logging intervals.
  • Also displays instantaneous values.
  • Operator logging of events.
  • Menu driven HMI.
Software & Reporting
  • Web application can run on any connected Web device such as HMI /PC or Smartphone.
  • Graph, Pie Chart.
  • Event Log.
  • Data Export for offline monitoring.
  • SMS and Email alert system for alarm and programmable events.
(Please read the brochure to know all features)

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