Solar Monitoring Architecture
Embedos Solar data Logger architecture

Solar Monitoring

The Solar Data Logger is an IOT device that captures data from inverters and stores it on a cloud. We can have remote access to that data through a connected device on the internet (PC /Smartphone).
Embedos provides Emails, SMS alerts and a  web based solution to watch the performance of inverters in Real Time. We can offer Tailor made services, specific to company requirements like a Customized dashboard.
This device has been made to eliminate the inverter manufacturer provided portal, thereby becoming independent of their service. 

Important Features

Basic Data Logger

  • On-Site Data Buffering Facility up to 32 GB.  Can be used to store data locally when the internet is down.
  • OEM’s get a customized interface with branding.
  • One single dashboard for all your Solar panel sites, irrespective of inverter.

Edge Data Logger

  • Provides facility management , Input / Output ports. These could be used for: Automatic Illumination Control on time of day , Pump Control, Access Control, Camera Systems also remote manual control of devices such as lights /pumps  etc . Suitable for residential installations.
  • Interface for Wind Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Solar Radiation Sensor (Pyranometer).
The Embedos Solar Data Logger is a solution to all Monitoring requirements.