How does Condition / Vibration Monitoring Work?

The Embedos Vibration Monitoring Solution, or better known as Condition Monitoring in the Industry is the process of monitoring a set of parameters of a machine (Eg, Temperature, Vibration) to effectively analyze overall machine health and foresee an oncoming fault.

Vibration sensors detect damage to rolling element bearings and gears or unbalance in drives and rotating machine parts. These sensors are interfaced with the Embedos Edge device which captures this sensor data and seamlessly transfers it either onto a Cloud Storage or to a Factory’s local control room server.

Condition / Vibration Monitoring Architecture
IoT based Vibration Monitoring Architecture

How do we perform Vibration Analysis?

The Vibration Signals obtained from the Vibration Sensors on the field are streamlined by the utilization of our flagship product, the Embedos Edge Controller.

It is a powerful controller having an Embedded Web Server which serves the purpose of analyzing machine data on the field itself, thereby directly transferring useful data than raw data to a viewing portal, the local factory control room or a cloud storage.  We can also monitor the health of AC induction motor-driven pumps allowing integrated and continuous monitoring.

One commonly utilized strategy is to look at the individual frequencies present in the acquired vibration spectrum. These frequencies relate to certain mechanical components (for instance, the different pieces that make up a roll bearing) or certain other failures, (for example, shaft unbalance or misalignment). These frequencies and their sounds form a pattern of machine behavior, paving the way to provide a solution for Overall Equipments Efficiency (OEE) also known as the condition of a particular machine.

Thus, the Embedos Vibration Monitoring Solution can distinguish the area and kind of issue and also find out the root cause of the problem in the machine.

What does Our Vibration Monitoring Solution Offer?

The Embedos Condition / Vibration Monitoring Solution is an End to End solution providing machine data acquisition, seamless data processing and transfer, and data visualization services from the field to the cloud.

By monitoring and analyzing the vibration spectrum, we can also provide services of Predictive Maintenance.

Product Highlights

  • Real- time monitoring.
  • On Board Embedded Web Server.
  • Rugged Enclosure for field mounting.
  • On-Board Flash Memory / SD card memory upto 32 GB.
  • Automatic, Continuous and Seamless Data Communication.
  • Reduces the need for field inspections as it communicates asset health information directly to control room.
  • Connectivity options: Wi-Fi, GPRS, Ethernet.
  • Compatible with Existing Infrastructure.

Software & Reporting

  • Web application on HMI/PC/Smartphone.
  • Customized Monitoring Dashboard.
  • Graph/Pie Chart analysis.
  • Historical trends and storage.
  • Process mimic diagram.
  • Dynamic Reports.
  • Data export for Offline monitoring (PDF / CSV format).
  • SMS /Email alert systems for alarms and programmable events.

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